5 Best Places to Metal Detect For Jewelry

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Metal detecting is a fun and exciting hobby; the kind that can really leave you with some great stories to tell. From finding amazing old pieces of jewelry to coins from eras gone by, metal detecting can throw up some pretty special finds. However, the main thing that you might wish to keep in mind when it comes to metal detecting is choosing the right locations. After all, you won’t find the same kind of items in every location!

For example, what you find in some ancient woods will be very different from what you find on a tourist-friendly beach. That’s why you should definitely look to take into account the best places to metal detect for jewelry. There are various places to think about when it comes to metal detecting, and some items are more likely to turn up in one location than another.

Best Places to Metal Detect For Jewelry

If you are short on time here is a list of the 5 best places to metal detect for jewelry:

High Traffic Local Areas
Re-enactment scenes
‘Towel lines’
Check popular camping spots
Local Yard Sales

In a bid to help you find said locations, we’ve put together this guide to metal detecting for jewelry. If you are ready to start trying out this fun and exciting little experience, then we highly recommend you use some of the information that we have in store for you here.

With these details, you can turn the normally confusing prospect of metal detecting for jewelry into a much more simplistic experience. It can be tough to get right, but it’s definitely not as hard as you might assume. Especially if you follow and use the advice provided here!

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Can I find jewelry regularly with a metal detector?

Assorted Jewelry

That’s a good question! Unfortunately, it’s also a very hard question to answer in full. You can find jewelry with a metal detector if you are willing, but you have to know where to look. We’ll look at that in a moment, but for now, we want to look at why you might wish to get involved in metal detecting for jewelry. What are some of the reasons why you might wish to try and use a metal detector to go hunting for jewelry?

1.      You are a collector

One of the main reasons to go metal detecting for jewelry is the fact that you are a collector. Most people who go out metal detecting do so because they are building a collection. Some will be out looking for coins while others are more likely to be out looking for something specific. Old pieces of military insignia or even old pieces of attire from days gone by – the reasons for collecting are entirely personal.

However, this is easily one of the most common reasons why someone might get into the habit of being a metal detector. If you like to collect things, then paying for them or finding them in a store to buy is not always going to be possible. Instead, you could easily start a collection by finding the items if you are willing to put in the time to go and hunt them down.

2.      You like to go on adventures

Another common reason to think about trying out some metal detecting for jewelry is the fact that you enjoy an adventure. If you choose to set off on a little adventure then you will find all manner of items as you go about the trip. Having a metal detector with you as you go about the lands that you explore could make your adventures memorable for reasons that you might not have first assumed.

That’s why if you like to go on adventures you should absolutely look to make a wise choice and go adventuring with your metal detector as well.

3.      Jewelry is regularly lost

One reason to think about metal detecting for jewelry is the fact that it jewelry is so often lost. Despite being such a big part of our lives and often holding immense sentimental value, jewelry is lost all the time. Rings, amulets, and necklaces come off all the time and can become lost in the wilds. This loss is your gain, though, and you could often find lots of useful and even valuable items if you were to look around enough.

The reason why metal detecting for jewelry is so popular, though, is simple; there’s lots of lost jewelry waiting to be found?!

4.      Metal detectors can find jewelry easier than other products

One main reason to think about metal detecting for jewelry, though, is the fact that they tend to be great for finding jewelry in the first place. Just about any form of jewelry is going to be made from bronze, gold, silver, or platinum. If you use a metal detector today then it very likely will have no problem at all in picking out goods made from those materials.

It’s for this reason that it’s often recommended that you bring a metal detector with you on any trip to a high-traffic area.

5.      You can make lots of money

With metal detecting for jewelry, you have the chance to make a few bucks back for your time. If you get lucky, you could find something truly valuable and thus trade it in for a good price. It’s why so many people who are genuinely interested in metal detecting will do so and make a living from it.

By finding the right areas to visit (more on that below), you can find it very easy indeed to locate top-quality places to go and make some money.

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6.      You can build your collection

Another great reason to think about getting involved with metal detecting for jewelry is the fact that you can build up and grow your collection organically. This allows you to easily and effectively build up and then grow out your collection of jewelry without having to go and spend a penny.

Simply spend some time looking around in popular areas and you could easily enough pull out some very interesting items. While metal detecting for jewelry is not always possible, in many outdoor areas it’s a ticket to picking up some memorable jewelry.

Where should I search when metal detecting for jewelry?

If you are on the hunt for some jewelry, then we have some good ideas for you to go and check out today. Hunting for jewelry can be a tough thing to get right, but it is by no means something you have to worry about. If you wish to go out and find some quality jewelry, though, you have to know some good places to go and check.

Here are some ideas for places that you might wish to check out if you do want to go hunting for jewelry in the near future.

1.      High traffic local areas

The best place to begin any search for jewelry, we tend to find, is a high-traffic local area. So you should be looking for places like public beaches and outdoor retail venues. Swing by once the crowds are down and the night is dawning and you can often find some great items lying around.

When metal detecting for jewelry in a local area, though, try and do it with a few people around as is possible. This allows you to work uncontested and it does improve the likelihood of finding something that you would be happy to take home with you.

High traffic areas that see lots of pedestrians moving around and mingling, though, always make a good place to start. Beaches are especially useful for this as you will find that the tide allows the sand to be moved around enough to help make items that might have otherwise been lost to become easily found.

Again, though, the secret is to arrive when very few people are around. It makes it easier to work without distraction, and also avoids anyone ‘claiming’ what you have found without you having any opportunity to refute their claims.

2.      Re-enactment scenes

Civil War Re-enactment

A great place to find old jewelry and other items is to head to areas where re-enactments take place. Many parts of America tend to do things like recreate battles from the Civil War and various other re-enactments from across history. With that in mind, you should have no problem at all in being able to go there after the ‘battle’ is over and pick up some sweet finds.

It’s a big reason why we highly recommend that you take a look at going to such venues and locations. They are often going to be public parks and areas that you will have permission to scour with a metal detector, too. When metal detecting for jewelry always make sure you have permission to be on any kind of land. Most private and state-owned land is going to be off-limits for metal detecting, or anything you do find has to be given in to the local authority.

To avoid that, we recommend you look for areas where you can get a lot of people but also have public access to use your detector. That can take some looking around and some transport, so be prepared for that.

3.      ‘Towel lines’

If you happen to find yourself down by the beach, then you should absolutely look for the ‘towel line’. You will notice a towel line by coming down when the beach is busy and look for a large line of people all together with their towels on the beach. These are either going to be in a straight line or in significant clusters of people.

Simply make a mental marking of where most of the people are and return at night when the crowds are clearing or are gone entirely. You should do this as towel lines tend to be the place where people get ready for the beach and place down all of their stuff. This should then give you a good chance to come down and find people who enjoyed one too many beach cocktails and forgot their goodies!

While here, be sure to search around the waterline of the beach, too. Waves often carry items out to sea, so you can sometimes find some good items if you are going to start digging in and around that area. Overall, though, you should focus on where people are not only focused but where they are relaxing.

4.      Check popular camping spots

A good place to go to, as well, is some of the most popular camping spots and outdoor venues where you live. People tend to leave all manner of items behind, and this can often lead to items like jewelry being forgotten about. Especially add to the fact that many people head off for a party when they go camping and you can soon see why popular camping spots are a good place to go and search for some goodies.

If you happen to do this then you should find some items by searching around. Don’t just look for previous campsites that were taken down recently, though. You should also look for some nearby areas where other campers might have set up. Often, the best spots for metal detecting for jewelry are going to be old campsites that have been removed and then left for years. This allows the items time to sink into the land, thus making it harder for people to find unless they, like you, come prepared!

Camping spots are definitely a good place for you to start searching for jewelry if you are looking to make some immediate finds that are worthwhile.

5.      Local yard sales

Another great place to look is in the aftermath of a local town event or even yard sale. If you spot lots of people visiting lots of stalls, then be sure to come back in the early hours of the morning. With nobody around, you can soon find plenty of items submerged into the ground or even further below. This allows you to find a place with plenty of human traffic in a short space of time, with many people all moving together and mingling as one.

This offers ample chance for some items to be knocked off and lost in the maelstrom of people. Keep this in mind and it should make it a bit easier for you to make an intelligent call with regards to checking out popular camping locations. Do that often enough, and you should find it pretty easy to locate what’s required. However, just be sure to come back after people have been away for some time.

Why? Because people who have lost jewelry might return in the few hours after the event to look around – and they might not appreciate you walking away from the sale with their jewelry in your bag!

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Conclusion – Best Places To Metal Detect For Jewelry

While metal detecting for jewelry isn’t always possible, you should be sure to keep your eyes out for some garments and items when out and about. This means that you should definitely keep an eye out when in public places such as shopping centers, sporting events, and concerts.

Many people lose their items in these settings and with enough timing and patience you could certainly make some impressive finds here. Just remember to keep your metal detecting head-on at all times and you’ll be less likely to pass up an opportunity!

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below. Happy Treasure Hunting!

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