About Treasure Seekr

Cory Haasnoot founder of Treasure SeekrWelcome to Treasure Seekr!

My name is Cory Haasnoot and I’m the founder of Treasure Seekr.

I have enjoyed the allure of treasure hunting since I was a young kid. I remember searching the ground on my parent’s farm in Wisconsin looking for anything out of the ordinary and a few times I found things just by observing. 

I even found an old 1936 buffalo nickel right in the dirt driveway. It was at that moment when I found the nickel just lying there which sparked my interest in coin collecting and from there I also became interested in history.

I especially enjoy metal detecting where you can find old coins and metal artifacts from the past. To me, it’s a thrill to find anything from the past.

I also love to read about archeological finds and watch shows about sunken ships that have been resting on the ocean floor for sometimes thousands of years.

It’s all amazing to me so I decided to create this website Treasure Seekr to share my passion for treasure hunting. Because I know there are many people on this earth that have the same passion as I do.

If you are new to metal detecting a great place to start is here.

I would like to say thank you for stopping by my website and I invite you to come back often so you can learn more about treasure hunting and also share some of your finds with us.

If you need to get in touch, email me at cory @ treasureseekr.com