Is National Geographic Pro Metal Detector Any Good? (Complete Review)

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National Geographic has come out with its very own metal detector. There are two different types of metal detectors to choose from and they are the junior model and the professional model. Both of these have a very low price point compared to other metal detectors. In this article, I will be explaining everything you need to know about the National Geographic Pro metal detector so you can decide if it’s the right metal detector for you.

Is the National Geographic Pro metal detector any good? The professional version of the National Geographic metal detector is a good metal detector for people just starting out in metal detecting. If you are experienced in metal detecting then this metal detector is not for you. The junior version is more of a toy than a metal detector but if you have young children interested in the hobby then the junior version could be the way to go.

Now that you know who the National Geographic metal detector is for we will proceed with the full review.

National Geographic Pro Metal Detector Review Summary

Product: National Geographic Pro Metal Detector

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Best For: Beginners

Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 4.5 x 22.5 inches

Product Weight: 2.3 lbs

Warranty: 2 year limited warranty

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Junior Metal Detector for Kids with 7.5" Waterproof Dual Coil, Adjustable Lightweight Design for Treasure Hunting Beginners, with 5 Replica Gold Doubloons

Like I mentioned earlier, the National Geographic metal detector is a good metal detector to start with and young children can take advantage of the fun of metal detecting with the junior version. The professional version is priced at about $150 and the junior version is priced at about $70. Both are a great way to learn and get the hang of metal detecting before you jump into the higher-priced metal detectors like the Garrett AT Pro which cost considerably more and is geared toward the more advanced serious metal detectorist.

Also Minelab one of the leading manufacturers of metal detectors is the manufacturer of this metal detector so that can give you some confidence in your purchasing decision of this metal detector.

National Geographic Metal Detector Features

This metal detector is very easy to operate and comes with many features that some of the more expensive models have including:

 Search Modes

The National Geographic metal detector has some nice search mode options that you can use to better search for the treasure instead of the junk you oftentimes find while metal detecting. When you have all your search modes on the metal detector will pick up on everything. But for example, if you turn off the icon that corresponds with aluminum or iron the NG metal detector will not trigger a beep for those types of items.

The 3 basic modes to choose from are:

  • Mode 1: Beeps at all Targets
  • Mode 2: Ignores Iron Objects
  • Mode 3: Ignores Iron and Aluminum objects

There are 3 tones that correspond to different targets being detected. For example, a high tone signifies that copper or silver is present. Other types of metal like aluminum will produce a medium tone and a low tone means that items like nails with little value are present.

Along with the beeps, one of the 4 icons on the screen will light up when you have detected an object that corresponds to the icon as long as you have the particular icon activated.

Large Waterproof Search Coil

The National Geographic metal detector comes with a large 10″ search coil that is waterproof up to 2 feet of water. This type of search coil is useful for when you run into the wet ground and could be used at the beach. Keep in mind that the whole metal detector is not waterproof just the search coil so you won’t want to do any underwater metal detecting with it. Remember waterproof, not submersible.

With the larger search coil, you can detect objects up to 12″ underground. Great for finding very old objects like coins that move deeper into the ground over time.

Easy to use Control Panel

The control panel is pretty straightforward and easy to use. It has an earbud output so you can plug your earbuds right into the machine. It also comes with a 1/8″ audio output jack so you can hook it up to your metal detecting headphones.

Pinpoint will help you hone in on your target. Increase the sensitivity for deeper targets but if you are metal detecting in areas that have a lot of powerlines or interference you might have to turn the sensitivity down or you will receive false signals.

The depth indicator on the control panel alerts you to how deep your target is shallow, medium, or deep. This helps you know approximately how deep you will need to dig. The find mode option helps you accept or reject certain types of metals. The control panel also has volume control and a battery life level.

Easy Set-up

Setting up the National Geographic metal detector is easy with 8 simple steps that you can check out in the owner’s manual here.

Battery Powered

This metal detector is battery-operated with 4 AA Batteries.

Is the National Geographic Pro metal detector adjustable?

Yes, the National Geographic Pro metal detector is adjustable up to 51″ so it can be a convenient height for who operates it. It also folds up for convenient storage and transport.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Waterproof search coil
  • Detects up to 12″
  • PinPointer
  • Sensitivity Settings


  • For beginners only
  • Made of plastic

Is The National Geographic Pro Metal Detector Right For You?

So there’s my review of the National Geographic Pro metal detector. Is this metal detector right for you? Well, that depends. If you are new to metal detecting and want a beginner-friendly metal detector that actually finds buried objects then I would recommend this metal detector. It has everything you need to get your feet wet so to speak in the wonderful hobby of metal detecting. It’s even a good metal detector for people 14 years and up to get out and try their hand at metal detecting.

I would say that for the price of this metal detector you really can’t go wrong. People are raving about it on the Amazon reviews. The only downside to this detector is that a big portion of it is made of plastic which is not all bad but I wouldn’t take it out on rough terrain. But if you plan on detecting in your backyard or at the beach you should have no problem with this metal detector. It’s easily folded up for storage or to transport which is a big plus.

I recommend getting some rechargeable batteries that will save you a lot of money in the long run. I hope you enjoyed this review and now you should be able to make a wise buying decision. If you are interested in purchasing the National Geographic Pro metal detector you can do so by clicking the big green button below. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Until next time Happy Treasure Hunting!

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